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Spring is here and you are in the mood for spring cleaning. As you empty out your closets and clean under the bed, you might be ignoring an important cleaning job. Your pipes get a lot of wear and tear throughout the year. There is a lot of hair, oil and debris that pass through them and can build up in them. Here are some reasons to consider having a professional drain cleaning this spring.

Faster Draining Means Cleaner Sinks and Bathtubs

When there are debris and buildup in your pipes, you will notice your sinks and bathtubs drain more slowly. In the time it takes for this water to drain, the dirt and soap will begin to cling to the basin. You will find yourself constantly wiping out your sinks and tubs. After your pipes have been cleaned, the water will drain more quickly and not leave as much residue behind.

Avoid Blockages

When oil and other items build up in your pipes, you will eventually reach a point where they will not drain at all. You will find your home with standing water in the sinks and tubs and toilets that are overflowing. If the blockage is bad enough, you might require an emergency visit from your local plumber.

Bigger Issues Identified

When a professional comes to clean your drains this spring, they will inspect your pipes and faucets. If there are bigger plumbing issues in your home, they will be able to identify them and create a plan to fix them. This can save the aggravation of coming home to a burst pipe or other plumbing issues that leaves water pouring out into your home.

If you have questions related to your plumbing in Budd Lake, NJ, just call The Polite Plumber at 973-398-0875. We’ll never ask how it happened!

We’ll Never Ask How it Happened!