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The sink is the workhorse of your kitchen, and that made so glaringly obvious when you have a clog. Even if you have been very diligent in keeping your drain catch in and never pouring grease down your sink, clogs can happen. Over time, even small amounts of grease and food particles can build up into a clog that stops up your kitchen sink.

When your kitchen sink is clogged, you might first reach right for the chemical drain cleaner. Well, like every licensed plumber will tell you – put that bottle right in the trash. Chemical drain cleaners, while sometimes effective, are caustic to your pipes. Every time you use it, it causes a little more unnecessary wear to your plumbing.

Alternatively, you may look to grab your drain snake. Unfortunately, this won’t do great either. It may break up the clog initially, but it will just come right back sooner rather than later. Drain snakes are super effective in bathroom clogs because they break up hair, but less so when it comes to grease. Unfortunately, kitchen sink clogs aren’t made up of hair in most cases.

When your kitchen sink has started to clog, what you need is a professional plumber who can hydrojet it. What this does is essentially sprays water at a high pressure along the walls of a pipe. This strips the grease build up right off. It not only breaks up your clog, but it prevents it from coming back for a long time.

If you are diligent with keeping grease from going down your drain, you won’t get kitchen sink clogs very often at all, but when you do, you need a hydrojetting because that build up is probably constricting the drain pretty badly. Hydrojetting by a professional company gets rid of all of it so you can have many more years of clog-free use.

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