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Summer is in full swing and it’s the perfect time to be spending a lot of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather! Plumbing problems are most common during the winter, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your plumbing system this season! We’re bringing you a few tips and tricks to keep your plumbing in tiptop shape this summer!

  • Summer means vacations! If you’re spending more than a night or two away from your home, remember to turn down your water heater to save energy. While you’re doing so, it’s a great time to check the manufacture date on your heater to see if it’s time to replace it!
  • Be smart when it comes to watering your lawn and plants! The best time to water is when the sun is down – either in the early morning or evening. This way, you lose less water through evaporation!
  • Throwing a barbeque or summer shindig? Keep in mind what can and cannot go down your garbage disposal. Oils, fruit and vegetable peels, and corn husks are all major “no nos”!
  • With everyone on school vacation, the toilets in your home are subject to more use and flushing, which can mean more clogs! Common clogs can usually be solved with a plunger, but be sure to call a professional if you’re unable to unclog a toilet on your own. TIP: trash can conveniently be placed beside the toilet can go a long way to preventing things like cotton swabs, hair, and sanitary products from being flushed down your toilet!
  • Call for annual maintenance! The worst mistake you can make is waiting for a problem to arise to call a professional. A full inspection of your plumbing system once a year can make the difference between small repairs and a full-blown plumbing disaster. If you have yet to schedule your annual maintenance for 2016, give us a call today!

If you have questions related to your plumbing in Ledgewood, NJ, just call The Polite Plumber at 973-398-0875. We’ll never ask how it happened!

We’ll Never Ask How it Happened!