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Ideally, you want your water to have no color other than the bluish tint that is typical of clean, clear water. However, water discoloration can come in many shades, and none of them are particularly good. While some water colors mean you can still technically drink the water safely, any water color means a plumbing repair needs to be made.

Cloudy Water

If your water is cloudy, this can mean two things. The first culprit is that you have air in your water lines. If you let the glass sit, the cloudiness should clear from the bottom up. This can happen if you recently had your water shut off, but should be investigated if it happens often. This water is still safe to drink. If the water remains cloudy, it can mean you have an abundance of minerals in your water. This should be investigated and water should not be consumed until the problem has been identified and fixed.

Red, Yellow, Brown, or Orange Water

If your water is taking on bright shades or a shade of brown, it means that there is iron in your water pipes. Typically what you are seeing is that iron in various shades of oxidation, otherwise known as rusting. If you have old cast iron pipes, unfortunately rusty water means they need to be replaced.

While rusty water isn’t dangerous to drink, it will stain your sink, laundry, and discolor your food. Therefore, it needs to be taken care of eventually to get your home running as designed again.

Black Water

Unless something is very seriously wrong, you’ll never see black water coming from your tap. More commonly, you will see this coming up from your drains if you have a sewer backup. What makes it black is the mold and bacteria present in it. This can affect your health and is very dangerous to have in your home. You need intervention by a plumber quickly if black water is coming up your drain.

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